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Your product is excellent and it keeps my dog’s house heated at just the right temperature, despite the -25 temperatures that are a regular part of winter in Winnipeg. This gives me peace of mind to know that my dog is warm, yet not overheated despite the outside cold. I’m glad to have it, and consider it a necessity for any dog owner who has a full time outside dog.
- Dan Leveille

I would be happy to give a testimonial
Just to let you know, I am a returning customer with five small, short-haired dogs who all turn up their noses at the cold Wyoming winters thanks to our homemade double insulated doghouses and your wonderful hound heaters. I tell everyone I possibly can about the hound heaters and about how my dogs rarely have to spend a day inside in the winter (they are all of the terrier persuasion and being cooped up inside is like the worst punishment to them). On one of the coldest days last winter, it was 18 below with a wind chill and all of the dogs were in the house. I decided to go out and check the temperature in our lightest built doghouse with the oldest Hound Heater version and was amazed to see that it was 55 degrees inside it! No wonder they want to be let out all the time.
Thanks for such a great product and for the wonderful ceramic heat emitters.
- Heather Arambel

Hound Heaters are the greatest thing since sliced bread
It was 13 degrees this morn out here in the Columbia Gorge area of Wa. state and I got to say that all 4 of my hound heaters worked just great. I have 2 old style and 2 new ones and all worked great. I have 4 shelters all double wall plywood with 2″ styrafoam insulation all 4 sides and all 4 were just as warm this morning as when it is 25-30 degrees outside. I could have slept in any one of my shelters my ownself and done just fine. LOL. I gotta’ tell ya’ that as far as I am concerned the hound heaters are the greatest thing since sliced bread. A wonderful product that lives up to it’s reputation.
- Carl Rhone

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Well Trained Dogs Are Safe And Happy Dogs!

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Well Trained Dogs Are Safe And Happy Dogs!